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CE 2.0 MEF CertifiedThe MEF Certification Program enables network equipment manufacturers to certify that their Carrier Ethernet products comply with the relevant MEF specifications.

The program has been a significant contribution to the successful worldwide deployment of Carrier Ethernet worldwide with around 500 certified products from more 75 equipment manufacturers deployed by more than 70 service providers.

Details of all current equipment certifications and providers are available in the MEF Certification Registry.

Available CE 2.0 Certifications

E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree and E-Access
CE 2.0 certification of network equipment is designed to show that the equipment is able to support the delivery of CE 2.0 services compliant with MEF specifications when used at the UNI and/or ENNI of the service. CE 2.0 equipment certification was introduced in 2012 and the program has already resulted in a wide range of CE 2.0 certified equipment being available to service providers and operators for use in all typical Carrier Ethernet service infrastructures and applications.

100G E-Line and E-Access
CE 2.0 equipment certification is now available for equipment running Carrier Ethernet E-Line and E-Access services at 100G speeds.

MEF 3.0 CE Certification

MEF 3.0 CE extends beyond today’s widely adopted CE 2.0 services to provide the world’s most advanced standards-based CE services.  MEF 3.0 CE enhances CE 2.0 E-line, E-LAN, and E-Tree services with new and re-defined service attributes included in a package of MEF specifications published between 2013 and 2017.  For more information on MEF 3.0 click here.

Benefits of Certification

For Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs)
  • Meets Service Provider demand for CE 2.0 Certified compliant products
  • Accelerates deployment by creating a standardized, trusted baseline for referencing in service providers RFPs
  • The 634 test cases replace many months or even years of test development
  • CE 2.0 builds on the established pedigree of CE 1.0 certification to speed sales cycle and equipment acceptance times
  • Creates proper recognition, differentiation for companies offering advanced CE 2.0 products
For NEMs Service Provider Customers
  • Greatly accelerates time-to business for CE Services
  • Dramatically reduces time to qualify new products by delivering a reliable baseline ready for use in CE 2.0 services



Certification Blueprint

Technical Foundation

CE 2.0 equipment certification was defined and approved by the MEF member companies over a period of several years, and the MEF Board of Directors is responsible for approving the third party test lab (Iometrix) to carry out CE 2.0 certification and testing. The MEF Certification Committee develops and promotes the MEF Certification program strategy. However, the MEF is not party to the commercial or testing aspects of the testing which are agreed directly between the equipment manufacturer and the third party approved test lab.

  • Any equipment manufacturer with a Carrier Ethernet product can apply for certification of its products - providing it is a MEF member at the time of the actual certification testing.
  • Technical information on MEF compliance requirements are contained in the CE 2.0 Certification Blueprint.
  • A equipment manufacturer can certify one or more Carrier Ethernet service types. It is not required to certify for all four service types (E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree and E-Access)

CE 2.0 certification is carried out by the MEF-approved test lab - Iometrix. Candidate CE 2.0 equipment manufacturers are invited to contact Iometrix directly to initiate the following process:-

  • Qualification: equipment manufacturers conduct a detailed review of the candidate equipment for certification by telephone and email with Iometrix. A thorough and effective Qualification phase enables the minimization of effort required by equipment manufacturer for the subsequent Configuration phase.
  • Configuration: Once the Qualification phase is complete, the equipment manufacturer configures its service according to recommendations by Iometrix in order to prepare the service for live testing. Again, an effective Configuration phase minimizes the time and effort required by the equipment manufacturer for the Testing phase.
  • Testing: The third and final phase is the Testing phase. The Network Equipment Manufacturer sends the product accompanied by suitably trained staff to the Iometrix test lab in South San Francisco. Testing continues until certification is achieved.

When a CE 2.0 product certification is successfully achieved for the first time, the equipment manufacturer is subsequently referred to as a CE 2.0 equipment manufacturer and is provided with a customizable CE 2.0 Network Equipment Manufacturer Marketing Kit which includes:- a CE 2.0 certificate; CE 2.0 Test Report; customizable presentations and a comprehensive CE 2.0 Press Kit. CE 2.0 equipment manufacturers and their CE 2.0 products are entered into the MEF Certification Registry.

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